GIZA is a holographic showcase. It is a state of art commercial holographic VR display system. It allows you to combine a physical object with 3D holographic content. GIZA is always ready to convert your 2D image fed through an USB stick to showcase an intriguing illusion of the image as it floats in mid air. It would definitely kindle the curiosity of those watching the object float. It is an affordable futuristic interior decor.

GIZA has the potential to convert the boring class room sessions into more interesting 3D visual presentations. It can be used for wide variety of medical and educational demonstrations. The conventional images or figures used in the text books often do not match the real world scenario. GIZA bestows an insight into the real world. The display can be customized according to your needs. Giza   introduces a new dimension, a new way of learning and marketing, thus, transmitting an impressive message to the spectator. The 3D visualization will help focus the attention on the product and will definitely invite a large number of customers. The marketing strategy is ideal for museums, hall, shop windows, exhibitions and events.



The Medsby SmartScope is a easy to use, affordable, portable (carry in pocket) and cross platform electronic test equipment that converts your personal computer (pc) into a dual channel digital storage oscilloscope, a signal generator and a Data Acquisition system (DAQ)

The MedsbySmartScope converts your personal computer into an oscilloscope, a signal generator for 2 channels and a Data Acquisition system (DAQ).It is compatible with most of the operating systems and simulation software. The data sampling frequency is 44.1 KHz which results in a 16 bit resolution.


  • Cursor option helps to calculate amplitude, time period and frequency.
  • Time range1ms to 10,000ms
  • Trigger modes-"off", "auto", "normal" and "single".