Digital Marketing Workshop for Beginners


Starting your own business venture is one of the the most inspiring experience. Some of the big questions that follow are how to reach masses, how to make your business grow, how to drive your business results, how to be successful, and how to fulfill these dreams with a minimal budget?

In digital marketing, there are organic ways to grow your consumer base without incurring large amounts of money. This form of marketing also drive leads and online sales. Keeping the budget constraints in mind, startups need to adopt and follow techniques/tools that they can use with minimal cost.

One of Coimbatore’s innovative Tech company Medsby Healthcare and Engineering Solutions brings to you one of a kind accelerated Digital Marketing Workshop,” TWO DAY DIGITAL  MARKETTING WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS “. Medsby has been academic partner with renowned Institutions like PSG College of Technology, over the last three years. Medsby has conducted many workshops and seminars in various institutions.



Our workshop on ECG will give a hands on training with the ECG kit2. The kit ensures that the students get a hands on training of building their own ECG  and will also get to count their heart beats..




Our workshop on pulse oxymetry comes along with a pulse kit with ensures that the students get  a hands on experience of building their own pulse kit and counting their pulse, all on their own.