We frequently release updates for our products in order to add new features and keep it compatible with niche plugins.


A collection of docs can be found on our website to help you achieve what you need using our product. Assistance by email can be provided if you need it.






A Biomechanic portable, affordable and smart force plattform for human performance evaluation.

Bionic / Robotic Arm

Medsby Bionic / Robotic arm is a 3D printed EMG controlled Bionic/ Robotic arm kit

3D Bioprinter

Multi-material 3D Bioprinter for tissue and organ 3D printing

URU 3.0 3D Printer

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What our clients say

People that are using our products are happy to share their experience.
Dr. Lakshmi Deepika

Dr. Lakshmi Deepika

Faculty at PSG College of Technology

we have framed laboratory courses in our curriculumin in association with Medsby, which helped in improving the infrastructures in the respective laboratories.We are impressed by the long term vision and technical expertise of team Medsby. With networking all around the globe gives them an edge over other suppliers

Hari Prasad

Hari Prasad

Faculty at NGP Institute of Technology

i really appreciate the endeavor of Medsby for implementing various disciplines of technologies in Biomedical field. i look forward to the company’s growth in the near future.

Parsa Sai Karthik

Parsa Sai Karthik

CEO & Founder at Spectra-Assistive

As a student entrepreneur, I had a great experience in getting trained by Medsby, In the field of 3D printing at our karunya university (coimbatore).

Medsby, has a built mechanism which provides end-to-end support for the students in 3D modelling of their products, design, testing, 3D manufacturing and building their competitive spirit for the competitions. We look forward for a great upcomings at Medsby in healthcare industry.

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